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online college coursesOnline College Courses – Finals & Midterms

It’s getting close to Christmas time, and for many students taking online college courses, this time of year takes on a whole new meaning. Why? It is almost time for your college finals and midterms. These tests review what you have learned so far through your online college courses, and in order to ace them, you might need a little help.

Online College Courses – Tips For Acing Your Finals

You may be in the mood to relax during your holiday break, but if you are currently taking online college courses, you will want to consider the following tips. Online college courses come with the same expectations and requirements as any other degree program.

  • Find a Proctor- Some online college courses, such as those through Penn Foster, located at, require you to find a proctor for your final exams. This person is usually unrelated to you and should hold at least an associate’s degree. The proctor’s job is to administer your final exam, observe you while you are testing, and send in the exam once you have completed it. It is usually your responsibility to find this individual, but locating one should not be too difficult. You can use a friend, pastor, librarian, or even a teacher at your local college.
  • Highlight Important Areas of Your Text- If your finals are open-book, meaning you are able to use your books to find the answers to test questions, you will need to be able to quickly identify key passages. Keep in mind that many open-book, or open-computer, tests have time limits. If you have text books or paper study guides, use highlighters and removable tabs to mark important passages or pages. If you work only with a computer, consider printing your information so you can more easily keep track of the information you need.

Proper Study Habits for Online College Courses

  • Spend Time Alone- Whether your online college courses require final exams to be supervised by a proctor, allow for open-book, or simply rely on the honor system, you need to make sure you have enough time to study. The week before your finals, stay in and study. Tell your friends to call you in a week, make sure your spouse understands he will be cooking supper and helping the kids with their homework, and put aside thoughts of Christmas planning. Focus only on your studying. Cleaning the house and doing the laundry can wait until next week.
  • Create The Right Environment- Studying for your online college courses is often difficult. Make sure your environment is well-lit, quiet, roomy, and free of distractions. A library or your kitchen table may work, but don’t try to get anything done at your local coffee shop. Bring along some snack to keep your mind from wandering and your energy up. Also, make sure you have a pair of headphones and a music device as well. Even if you prefer not to listen to music while you are studying, simply having the headphones on will reduce the chances of others bugging you.

Acing your final exams for online college courses is one of the most important steps toward your new career. Use the above tips to make the most of your study time and do your best on your end of the semester tests.

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