Computer Careers

Computer Careers

Career opportunities for individuals with Information Technology (IT) Degrees are predicted to rise at an alarming rate over the next decade. As a graduate who has earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Technology and Networking or a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, you will be well equipped to enter the cutting edge field of computer based technology in a variety of fields.

Some of the careers or fields of specialized study available to those who pursue a college degree in computers include the following:

Computer Career Opportunities

  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analysis
  • Computer Database Administrator
  • Software Design
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Programming and Analysis
  • IT Analysis and Support
  • Computer and Information Systems Management
  • IT Database and Security
  • Network Analysis and Engineering

Information technology is growing at an alarming rate, without an end in sight. Computers and information has become a part of our society and with that convenience comes a host of career opportunities for those who have earned a college degree in computers.

  • Network Engineers are needed to design and implement computer networks. These specialists set up, test, and analyze systems for the purpose of data communication. Properly educated network engineers can work in a variety of industries, or for themselves, setting up connections and data systems that span between business offices or across the globe. Network engineers are also valuable in the planning stages of corporations, as they are used to plan out entire networks, including installation and configuration of drivers, routers, wireless adaptors, and information security systems. Network engineers are an integral part of any business and these positions will continue to be in high demand in every area, ranging from major corporations to small businesses and government organizations.
  • Systems Administrators maintain computer systems and ensure that a business’s computers, networking capabilities, software, and security are all working as efficiently as possible. Systems administrators learn troubleshooting skills, monitor systems, and plan upgrades to keep businesses running smoothly.
  • Database Administrators are responsible for the proper and legal organization and storage of critical company data. They also coordinate, upgrade, and modify data retrieval and storage systems to keep companies up to legal standards. Since many databases are connected online, these administrators also plan and implement security systems to protect the integrity of data storage.
  • Computer Security Specialists are in high demand. With a college degree in computers and a specialized certification in security, these specialists maintain a corporation or organization’s information and database security. They are responsible for installing security software, analyzing the effectiveness of security systems and addressing any possible breaches in network security. Computer security specialists are trained to respond to cyber attacks by gathering data and evidence that can be used to prosecute cyber crime.
  • Web Developers / Webmasters are responsible for the technical side of web creation. Working with CSS or HTML, these developers produce or oversee the production and creation of corporate or business websites. Web developers determine the client’s needs and are responsible for every aspect of web creation and maintenance. Issues that web developers address include software and site upgrades, page loading speed, traffic and web activity, and monitoring. An individual who combines graphic design training with a college degree in computer web development can build and maintain a site from start to finish. This particular field is expected to experience phenomenal growth in the coming years.

If you are tech savvy and interested in a rewarding and financially satisfying career in the ever-growing field of computers, a college degree is your first step in the right direction.

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