Finance and Accounting

Accounting and Finance Degrees

If you have a way with numbers and are looking to pursue a career in accounting and finance, online college courses or traditional, campus-based classes can help you to reach your goals and secure a rewarding career in the field of finance.

When you think of financial careers, an accountant or CPA may be the first thing that comes to mind. To become an accountant, you’ll need to earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. An Associate Degree is enough to get your foot in the door, but only in the position of an accounting clerk. By choosing a Bachelor’s Degree, you’ll not only have more job opportunities, but your salary will increase substantially as well.

Although a career as an accountant can be quite rewarding, that’s not the only career choice open to you. With the right education, here are some other careers in accounting and finance that will be open to you:

Career Opportunities in Accounting and Finance

  • Actuary – An actuary has the responsibility of evaluating the probable occurrence of events to help employers or corporate firms minimize costs that could be incurred as a direct result of these incidences or events. You’ll need to earn your Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in statistics and actuarial science. An actuary can expect to enjoy a yearly salary of $85,000 or more.

  • Assessor – An assessor provides estimates of real property values for tax purposes. Degree requirements vary from state to state. Median income for an assessor is $48,000.

  • Financial Advisor – Financial planners and advisors assist individuals and businesses with reaching their financial goals through investments, 401(k) plans, and other options. You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree to break into this highly competitive field, and also the ability to express yourself well to others. Financial advisors can expect to earn an annual salary of $69,000 or more.

  • Financial Examiner – Financial examiners keep banks and other financial institutions in compliance with governing laws and regulations. You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting to qualify for this career. The average annual income is over $70,000.

  • Loan Officer – As a loan officer, you’ll help businesses and private individuals obtain funding from banks or other institutions. You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance to qualify for this career. Sometimes a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics will get you there as well. Loan officers can expect to earn about $55,000 average annual income.

These are just a few of the career opportunities that will be available to you, once you’ve earned your college degree.

Online College Courses…Easy and Convenient

The easiest and most convenient method of earning your college degree today is through online college courses. Designed for the working adult with a busy schedule, most campuses have a variety of tracks to earn your degree through their distance learning programs.

Accredited colleges that offer online college courses also accept student loans and government grants, which makes it easier than ever to reach the level of education you desire and enter into a new and exciting career. Think of it this way; time is going to pass anyway. Wouldn’t you rather have a college degree under your belt in a couple of years instead of toiling away at the same dead end job you have now? There’s no time like the present to earn your degree in accounting and finance, and there’s no simpler way than through online college courses!